I am so exhausted! On July 18th we started moving furniture and desks into the school! It's so exciting to see the old office building that Forza leased for us take shape as a school. The cafeteria has all new flooring, as does much of the school. The classrooms have carpet. The walls are all new, and freshly painted and we are almost ready to set up our classrooms. 
Sixth graders have two of the largest classrooms in the school! Our second sixth grade teacher, Mr. Bradfield, arrived just in time to help and we toured the new sixth grade space. We were both pretty pleased at how large the rooms are, but look forward to adding furniture and you, the students! My room number is 12, and Mr. Bradfield's room number is 1, but they are right next to one another. 
We still have lots to do, however. There are shipment of furniture, technology, textbooks, and more yet to arrive. Hopefully we will get the same level of volunteerism as we did on the first moving day. We had lots of parents, a whole football team, and many of the teachers and staff on hand to help. Some of the other shipments could require assembly, so I guess I'd better get my cordless screwdrivers charged. Check out the school website or the GCCAS Facebook page for pictures! Also, follow the PTO's Facebook page for other events coming up.

See you soon! 
I hope you are all having a great summer! I know mine has been super busy. I have been developing computer tools to help all of the staff at GCCAS. I am also looking forward to attending a summer STEM conference, where I expect to learn many great ways to incorporate science, math, engineering, and technology into more of our class time. I have great expectations for the STEM focus that we are taking this year. 

In the midst of getting ready for this new big adventure I had to take a very important test. How many of you like to take tests? A lot of people think that after you finish school you won't ever have to take another test, but many jobs require certifications, teachers being one of them. I graduated from college being certified to teach 6-12th grade social studies. However, to be able to teach other subjects, I needed to be certified to teach K-6th grade in general education. So, I started to study. Reading books and guides and taking practice tests. It was not the best way I could think of spending my summer; I'd much rather have been fishing! 

Luckily, all that studying paid off and I passed that major test! One of the things we will work on all year are test taking strategies and how to study and take notes. These skills will serve you a lifetime! Now I can not only teach social studies, but also other subjects. I believe that I will be teaching social studies and math this year. This might change before the first day, but I'm pretty sure this is plan. I'm glad I took that test and did well. Do you feel good when you do well on an important test or other event that you want to do well in? We all practice to do as best as we can.
Studying for this test had me reading a lot over the past few weeks. i hope you have been reading as well. Have you ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure book? They are a pretty neat series of books. I know they have them at the library. If you get a chance to go to the library you should look them up. 
We are getting close to move in day at the school! Soon we will be setting up classrooms, shelving classroom libraries, and preparing for meet the teacher night! If you have already started getting ready for school by purchasing supplies, please make sure you read the notes on the list and check it before school starts. 
I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon!