Hi everyone! We are at the halfway point of the week. Tomorrow, Thursday, 9/26, we will have a section 2 quiz in social studies. Remember we made the books to help us answer the review questions. If you are reading this, then you now know that the quiz will be open book and open note. Just like the last quiz, all of the answers will be found in the textbook or your notes. 
   We will also finish up section 1-1 tomorrow and have a CPS (student clickers) quiz on Friday. I believe that you all are 100% ready to move forward from multiplying decimals into dividing them. 
   Mid-terms went home today and I told the class I had this afternoon and will tell the other class when I see them tomorrow, each midterm shown to me with a signature will gain them extra credit in their class with the lowest grade. Extra credit is always nice! 
   Have a good night guys! Get some rest and I will see you tomorrow! 

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