I am so exhausted! On July 18th we started moving furniture and desks into the school! It's so exciting to see the old office building that Forza leased for us take shape as a school. The cafeteria has all new flooring, as does much of the school. The classrooms have carpet. The walls are all new, and freshly painted and we are almost ready to set up our classrooms. 
Sixth graders have two of the largest classrooms in the school! Our second sixth grade teacher, Mr. Bradfield, arrived just in time to help and we toured the new sixth grade space. We were both pretty pleased at how large the rooms are, but look forward to adding furniture and you, the students! My room number is 12, and Mr. Bradfield's room number is 1, but they are right next to one another. 
We still have lots to do, however. There are shipment of furniture, technology, textbooks, and more yet to arrive. Hopefully we will get the same level of volunteerism as we did on the first moving day. We had lots of parents, a whole football team, and many of the teachers and staff on hand to help. Some of the other shipments could require assembly, so I guess I'd better get my cordless screwdrivers charged. Check out the school website or the GCCAS Facebook page for pictures! Also, follow the PTO's Facebook page for other events coming up.

See you soon! 

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