Well, our websites were added to the GCCAS.org webpage and this page has exploded! It has been viewed by many students and parents a like. How do I know? Because some of you have already emailed me or called me about events coming up! That's great!
   One fun thing that we will be doing as an extension to our STEM focus as a school in sixth grade will be participating in the Made by Milk carton building contest. Check out the website and get your thinking caps on! I will announce the first week of school via the website, calendar, and a note on the white board, when our first meeting will be and what will be on the agenda. If you are thinking about joining the team, please plan on attending to learn more! 
   I hope you have all had a chance to run by the school and get your uniform shirts ordered. The sixth grade shirts are different colors than all the other grades. We will have a lot more things for you to participate in as well. For example, we will be having a sixth grade staffed safety patrol comprised of trustworthy students that can get to school just a bit earlier and stay a bit later. Not all members of the safety patrol need to patrol both times. I also believe that our principal, Mr. Auer, will ask parents of sixth graders to pick them up just a few minutes after regular pick up time in the afternoons so that sixth graders can help with the younger students. What a great responsibility!
  That's about it for now. Make sure you keep up with the calendar. If you use Google calendars you can simply copy any events onto your own calendar to keep important dates on your desk top, phone, or other devices. If you need help with any of the technology we may be using in class, don't hesitate to contact me

   Us teachers start back to school next week, so summertime must be over. :^(  I look forward to meeting you all at Meet the Teacher night! :^)

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