Four weeks down! That's hard to believe, isn't it? I just wanted to pass a few things along. 
1. We will keep the builders club on Wednesday's as it seemed to work well for all who are participating. 
2. Extra credit math work is due Monday. We have a test over chapter 0. I am live on Edmodo; if you have questions ask them. 
3. I would like for everyone to have a copy of the class novel by Friday. (Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIHM) They are available in lots of places.
4. Interim reports should come out on the 20th. CORRECTION! They should come home on the 25th. If you think you may not be doing well, please ask me. I can give you some kind of indication.
5. Friday the 20th is a half day. 

Keep up the great work and let me know if I can be of assistance!

jania ramos
09/17/2013 5:13pm

umm , for the book i will get it soon like really soon ! but i think i will get it on wednesday or thursday ~ but u want us to buy ir right ? so we can write on it ?

Ms. Rainwater
09/17/2013 5:55pm

While I think you would benefit from buying the book, you can also find it at local libraries, borrow one from someone, or if you can not find it, let me know and I will help you get one. And I would like people to either have them on Friday or be able to tell me where it is. Thank you!!!!

kenna kraft
09/18/2013 6:03pm

hey mrs.rainwater! I cant believe this friday we are getting our interims! Do you think it good the first 4 weeks? ;)

Ms. Rainwater
09/18/2013 6:21pm

Kenna, I think it has been a great first few weeks. I was mistaken in the post above. Interims come home on the 25th. We will be working on them on the 20th, and I think that's what I was thinking. I will correct it above.


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